A sourcing platform for the circular economy.

Aligning buyers with sellers of used or certified sustainably sourced materials for a more responsible supply chain.

01 / how ambio-n works

Circular sourcing for industry

Suppliers provide information about certified or reusable materials they want to sell. Buyers can search and procure materials to improve the lifecycle assessment of their end product, improving its sustainability or circularity.

Both suppliers and buyers of sustainably procured material, can visit the site to explore examples of best practice achieved by industry in achieving sustainability across their supply chains. Thought leadership is provided for industry insights, academic research and foundation, government reports.

AMBIO-N news

Our Vision

We increase awareness of what circular procurement can achieve for industry and inspire positive changes for a responsible value chain.


Our Mission

Connecting buyers and sellers across industry aligned with an interest in advancing towards a more circular business model.


Four key components of

Responsible supply chain

Procure materials and products that will aid you in closing the loop and achieving SDGs across your supply chain.

Search and compare

Explore a directory and catalogue of alternative materials and products accelerate a move towards a circular economy.

International community

Join a networked international community aspiring to better the way in which we do business.

Thought leadership

As a thought contributor, share and contribute to the conversation of what sustainability means for business.


The Circular Business Model

AMBIO-N aims to help and accelerate an organisation's commitments to the following elements of the circular economy model:​


Be the synapse,
be the change

Keep resources in use for as long as possible​

Minimize disposed residual waste​​

Extract the maximum value from products​

Recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of service life​

02 / buyers

Why become a buyer

How can you become more sustainable or close the loop in your value chain?
Use AMBIO-N to discover alternatives to your current inputs and connect with a new supplier who can address your requirements and drive value across the supply chain.

1. Achieve circularity across your supply chain

Source reused materials, as an alternative to current virgin materials, to help close the loop on your operations and business model. This is particularly important when creating a circular product.

2. Improve your sustainability agenda

Procurement via AMBIO-N can aid and accelerate and organisations commitments to the following:

Ingredients & Materials



The sustainability agenda can include commitments across social, environmental, economic and ethical factors. AMBIO-N focus on an organisation’s commitments to responsible sourcing and production of ingredients, materials, packaging and waste. Set new targets across these 3 areas to improve the sustainability agenda of your organisation.

3. Achieve a better price with an alternative input

Search for an alternative product or material for your supply chain, from a international directory of suppliers.

03 / Suppliers

Why become a supplier

Buyers will use AMBIO-N to discover alternatives to current inputs to their value chain and immediately connect with suppliers.

1. Increase online visibility

Showcase your catalogue of products and immediately put your brand in front of an international audience.

2. Attract new customers

Sourcing of products for a more responsible supply chain is being digitised and shared. List your materials online and reach a significant new customer base.

3. Thought leadership

As a thought contributor, share and aid the conversation of what sustainability means for business.

04 / Thought leadership

Latest from AMBIO-N

Are you a leader in your field or specialist in your industry? If you are interested in sharing and publishing valuable insight of sustainability within business, we would be grateful for your contribution.


The Circular Economy, White Paper

Developments, concepts, and research in search for corresponding business models

Prof. dr. Jan Jonker l January 2017

The CE is based on the idea...

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New Business Models , White paper

Sustainable. Circular. Inclusive.

Prof. dr. Jan Jonker l March 2018

The old economy no longer satisfies, there are too many disadvantages...

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The Application of Life Cycle Assessment in Circular Economy

Hungarian Agricultural Engineering

K. Tóth Szita l May 2017

The success of circular economy...

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Life Cycle Gaps: Interpreting LCA Results with a Circular Economy Mindset

25th CIRP Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) Conference, Copenhagen

Michael Dieterlea, Philipp Schäferb, Tobias Viereb l April-May 2018

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The Circularity GAP Report

An analysis of the circular state of the global economy

Circle Economy l January 2018

At Circle Economy, we believe in a...

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Digest of Waste and Resource Statistics

2018 Edition

Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs l May 2018

This is the fourth edition of the Digest...

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UK Statistics on Waste

Governmental Stastistical Service

Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs l March 2019

The purpose of this release is to announce UK estimates which have been...

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The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018

United Nations, New York

United Nations l 2018

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development...

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Ethical and Sustainable Procurement

Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply

Helen Alder and Fiona Gooch l 2013

In a world where everything is...

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Valuing Our Clothes: the cost of UK fashion


WRAP l July 2017

In 2012, WRAP published 'Valuing Our Clothes', a pioneering report looking at the...

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05 / the teams

Here we are

A growing team who shares the passion for creating a more sustainable future, by providing a supporting service to industry to aid the acceleration of circular and sustainable business models.

Interested in joining, then email: admin@ambio-n.com

Jordanna Marshall Strategy & Founder
Matthieu De Carbonnel Research
Azjargal Ulziitogtokh Client Relations
Renata Reis Head of Finance

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